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Holdr is a productivity app that manages your screenshots, copied items and temporary files and display them in a simple, clean and easy to use interface that appears from the bottom of the screen with a quick shortcut.


A screenshot says more than a 1000 words

Holdr makes it easy to manage them all with Screenshots. Featuring an easy to use interface that displays your screenshots thumbnails for easy navigation and let's you open, edit and sharing faster than ever. Whether you want to share your progress on a design, a flow chart you are working on or simply save an idea you saw on the internet this tool will make your do all of that simpler than ever.


Keep track of everything you’ve copied with Clipboard no matter how many time you hit the copy command Clipboard will keep track of text, links and images. Clipboard can ignore passwords if detected and let’s you change the history capacity to your needs. Never miss anything you’ve copied again and with Drag and Drop you’ll be able to share multiple items at once.


Dragging and Dropping files between windows, spaces and multiple monitors has become easier with Drops a temporary space that holds your files and make them accessible to you at any time with the speed of a shortcut. Easily preview your files and share them with the quick share menu and with the Lock functionality all your dropped files will be there as long as you need them.

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